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Galileo Universal Interconnect Cells are a trickle down technology from our Galileo Research Program. Thanks to lessons learned during development of our flagship Galileo Pure Gold and Silver Air Strings, we knew to voice three different Galileo Universal Interconnect Cells: one for source to pre-amp, one for pre-amp to power amp, and one for source to integrated amp, all with strategic material selection in each of the three Galileo Universal Interconnect Cells. Benefits from Galileo Universal Interconnect Cells include a significant increase in soundstage size & layering, increased resolution with improved air & musicality, a more present musical mid-range, a lower noise floor for blacker backgrounds for increased inner detail, and more powerful low frequency extension & control. Available in both single-ended and XLR terminations, Galileo Universal Interconnect Cells improve the performance of all interconnect cables.


Galileo Interconnect Cells are designed to connect to the end of your source to pre-amp interconnect, and at the beginning of your pre to power amp interconnect

Galileo Uni XLR-RCA side by side w shadow

Galileo Interconnect Cells are available in both XLR and RCA terminations, to dramatically improve any cable

Galileo XLR aloneGalileo Universal Interconnect Cells are easy to use

Galileo XLR IC attached

First plug your interconnect into a Galileo Active Cable Cell

Galileo XLR powered up

Next plug the included MPC power supply into Galileo’s Active EM Cell. Your cable is now ready to connect to your system

Galileo Universal Interconnect Cell Kit Specifications:

  • Active EM Cells:
  • Count- 2 Active EM Cells
  • Internal Conductor Material- Copper/ Trace Silver Alloy, Pure Silver
  • Chassis Material- Acrylic
  • Connectors- RCA or XLR
  • Variations:
  • RCA- Source to Pre-Amp
  • RCA- Pre-Amp to Power Amp
  • RCA- Source to Integrated Amplifier
  • XLR- Source to Pre-Amp
  • XLR- Pre-Amp to Power Amp
  • XLR- Source to Integrated Amplifier
  • Strings:
  • Silver Matrix Conductor, Modified Polyethylene dielectric
  • Connectors- RCA or XLR
  • Power Supply:
  • 1 Standard MPC
  • Build Notes XLR:
  • 34 point-to-point hand soldered connections
  • Build time: 1.25 day
  • 2-step Quantum Tunneling Process
  • Build Notes RCA:
  • Hand built in our California factory
  • 22 point-to-point hand soldered connections
  • Build time: 1 day
  • 2-step Quantum Tunneling Process







Galileo Universal Speaker Cells connect full range, bi-wire, and tri-wirespeakers- learn more

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