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Galileo Universal Cable Cells are a direct trickle down technology from our cost-no-object Galileo Research Program. As such they offer unprecedented levels of performance and value. Benefits include a significant lowering of your system’s noise floor, for blacker backgrounds and increased inner detail. Bass impact and control are also improved. High frequencies take on a delicate transparent nature, with increased resolution, air, and musicality. Mid-range bloom is enhanced, with a more convincing sense of presence. Soundstaging (already a strong point of the Synergistic Research TESLA cable line) is dramatically improved. Cables from other manufacturers with presentations that may not be as holographic as our TESLA cables take on new levels of soundstage realism. In short, Galileo Universal Cable Cells represent a paradigm shift in their ability to transform your system.


With Galileo Universal Cable Cells, it’s as if your entire music library has been remastered.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Galileo lies in it’s ability to transform your recordings (even harsh dimensionless recordings) to near audiophile status. With Galileo, you’ll enjoy your music collection as never before; especially with recordings from artists you love but whose recordings fail to live up to their performances. It’s as if Galileo Universal Cable Cells remaster your entire music collection!

3 connect

Galileo Universal Speaker Cell’s connect full range, bi-wire and tri-wire speakers

Galileo Universal Cable Cells work by filtering RFI and EMI noise, which may be leaking from your components, or penetrating the various cables in your system. With Galileo, even modest systems take on new levels of refinement usually reserved for the highest level of electronics and cables, while state-of-the-art systems set new standards for music playback, allowing you to hear for the first time their full potential. In fact, no matter how good you may think your current system is, within 30 seconds of hooking up a fully broken in pair of Galileo Speaker Cells, your system will be dramatically transformed; we guarantee it our your money back!

Galileo SC Cell connected to speaker 600 x 600

Galileo Speaker Cell running in a bi-wire configuration

Nordost Valhalla


Galileo Universal Interconnect Cells are available in RCA and XLR configurations- learn more


Galileo Universal Speaker Cells connect full range, bi-wire, and tri-wirespeakers- learn more

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