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New Green ATM

by Synergistic Research

The new “Green” ATM or Atmosphere Tuning Module is a significant breakthrough in acoustic resolution for the Synergistic Research Atmosphere Field Generator. Compared directly to the original Red ATM the Green ATM is a faster resonator portraying acoustics and recordings with a lower noise floor for enhanced detail and air. Notes seem to decay into a darker background while the overall sound field seems to extend further in all directions; front to back, side to side and top to bottom.
green_atm_cropped_2Simply replace your original Red ATM with the new Green ATM and you’ll experience music and acoustic space in a whole new way. The Green ATM is fully compatible with the Red ATM’s Atmosphere control scenes and will favor rooms that are well sorted with Synergistic Research HFT’s or UEF Acoustic Panels and with systems utilizing Synergistic Research UEF products including cables, power conditioning, and isolation platforms. Available for an immediate in-home audition and sold with a no risk 30-day money back guarantee so you can experience the new Green ATM in the comfort and privacy of your home system.
Green ATM available for $695.00 MSRP
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