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HDAV RG-59 Interconnect is our entry-level field terminated bulk audio and video/digital cable. HDAV is a direct result of the economic, aesthetic, and performance requirements that our dealers and customers around the world have come to expect from us and our depth of products.

HDAV RG-59 Interconnect has a 20 AWG Copper Matrix center conductor. This material is a proprietary alloy consisting of primarily single crystal copper, combined with several other precious metals, to form a consistent platform for voltage transmission. The benefit from a Copper Matrix center conductor is higher resolution in both audio and video signals. It easily outperforms standard copper in the correct ratios of capacitance, inductance, and resistance. It’s characteristic impedance is 75-Ohm +/-1 and it’s Capacitance PF/meter is 17.3+/-1.7.

The dielectric is a Modified PolyEthylene has an average thickness of 1.45mm and a diameter of 3.71+/-0.1mm. With excellent dielectric properties, the Modified PolyEthylene was developed for flexibility and cost effectiveness. HDAV utilizes an aluminum Mylar shield, combined with a 16×6 Copper Matrix shield, providing extreme RF and EMI rejection while maintaining superb flexibility.

The jacket material is an opaque blue Polyvinyl chloride with an average thickness of 0.97mm; tough, durable and attractive.


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