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quote …with the Hologram A, the bass was thunderous, well controlled and quite directional.”
Norm Luttbeg, Dagogo

Active Shielding / Zero Reactive Capacitance: In transparent SOTA systems, the Hologram A reigns supreme as our reference power cord for amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. It blends an intoxicating combination of precise image placement with holographic illumination that expands the boundaries of your sound-stage. A cable of rich harmonic texture and layering, Hologram A delivers clean power to amplifiers and pre-amplifiers for amazing detail and air that is never fatiguing while low frequencies are tight and deeply extended with realistic attack and control.

When cabling a system with Hologram power cords, start by placing Hologram D‘s on your digital components first. Next place Hologram A or T3 on your pre-amplifier (if comparing, place a stock power cord on your power amplifier and select between T3 and Hologram A). Finally, compare Hologram A to Precision AC on your amplifier. Always select the cable that best complements your system and personal tastes.

Composition: 4 x Hologram A, 2 x High Current Tricon, Zero Reactive Capacitance Active Shielding with one 30 volt MPC, Gold 24k 4 micron 15 amp IEC contacts for greater warmth and mid range layering, Oyaide P-079 wall plug for rich mid-range layering and effortless highs. Each Hologram A is Quantum Tunneled in our California factory.

Geometry: 2 x High Current Tricon / 4 x Hologram A

Conductors: 6 x FPC Silver / 8 x Silver Matrix Alloy

Connectors: IEC FPC Copper Pins Voiced With 4 Micron 24K Gold

Wall Plug: Ovaide P-079 AC Plug

Available Finish: Black Dragon or Stealth Black

Reviews & Press for the Hologram A:
6moons Dagogo (Jack Roberts) Dagogo (Norm Luttbeg)

Combining Precision AC and Hologram Power Cords in SOTA Systems: Our lead designer Ted Denney on design considerations that went into voicing the Hologram and Precision Series power cords.

“I designed the Hologram A and Precision AC cords as counterparts to my Hologram D. Used together they form a flexible power cord system that will complement a wide variety of components and acoustics. The Hologram D is a no compromise power cord for digital sources that presents resolution and ambient retrieval with a natural non-fatiguing analog sound and as such is the corner stone to my ultra high end power cord system.

Like many of my fellow audiophiles, I love the sound of analog playback and strive for the resolution and holographic presence I get from top-flight turntables, tonearms, and cartridges, when listening to digital playback. Sadly, most digital front ends are compromised by power cords and digital cables that sound either overly warm and hence veiled and spatially compressed, or thin and clinical lacking harmonic texture and presence.

I designed my Hologram D to enable digital sources to present detail in an enormous sound field that is liquid with abundant texture and layering. The Hologram D excels in illuminating the boundaries of a sound field by allowing a recording’s natural air and layering to come shining through in a decidedly non-digital way.

To create balance between my different power cords start with Hologram A or T3 on your preamplifier, with Hologram D on your digital components. Lastly, compare Hologram A to Precision AC on your amplifier. While Precision AC is engineered and voiced to excel in pin-point imaging, Hologram A is engineered and voiced to combine pin-point imaging with harmonic richness and fluid illumination of a sound fields boundaries. The final choice between Precision AC and Hologram A on your amplifier will depend on your components, listening room, and personal taste, and when you make this decision a system wide synergy is created.”

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