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magnetic tricon

Magnetic Tricon is our first interconnect in the TESLA line to employ the revolutionary TESLA Tricon Lens geometry. Its sound is pure and dynamic, with an amazing balance of warmth, clarity, and frequency extension. With its pure Tricon geometry and Quantum Tunnelling, Magnetic Tricon is our highest resolution non-Active interconnect. Run throughout a system for smooth transparent highs and linear mid-range and deep bass, or combine with Au-79 between your source components when added mid-range warmth is required.

Usage: Solid State or Tubes, Magnetic Tricon is our highest performance non-Active cable for systems seeking transparency, speed, and detail with a musical mid-range; may be combined with Au-79 between source components and pre-amp for additional mid-range presence. To create a system match, compare Au-79 and Magnetic Tricon between your source components and pre amp, with Magnetic Tricon running between your pre and power amp(s).

Color: Stealth Black

Terminations: RCA and XLR

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