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Introducing the all new Devialet Spec AC Power Cord by Synergistic Research. This new Atmosphere Devialet Spec AC Cord is designed and voiced to maximize performance from Devialet systems.


Devialet Spec AC w logo 632SR Atmosphere Devialet Spec AC Cord - With New Blue Devialet Spec Active Filter/Circuit

Global MSRP US$ 1,495.00 Each/5 Ft length. Extra per foot MSRP US$ 175.00

Like our entire Atmosphere Series AC Cords, the Atmosphere Devialet Spec AC Cord is featuring the World’s first use of Graphene, which has the highest conductive density of any material known to man.

This paired with our award winning Air-string geometries, Built-in Active shielding and a low profile IEC connector, makes a one of a kind Devialet Spec AC Cord. Perfectly matched from the entry level Devialet 120 System to the very powerful Devialet 800 System, even if you chose to go full throttle!


  • Active / UEF Shielding with built in power supplies, no MPC’s and no additional wires.
  • UEF AC Conditioner
  • World’s First use of Graphene in an AC Cord. Graphene is a room temperature super conductor with 8 million times the conductive density of copper
  • Thin and Flexible
  • Low Profile IEC connector to fit under top cover
  • New Devialet Spec Active Shield Filter/Circuit - Blue
  • Plug and Play like standard non-Active AC cords
  • Hand Made in our California Factory

devialet-front-systemes 632Devialet 120 System


devialet-expert-le-800 (2) 632Devialet 800 System

This new Atmosphere Devialet Spec AC Cord, is in a class of its own and will elevate the performance of your Devialet components, to a level never thought possible. Simply add the new Atmosphere Devialet Spec AC Cord and enjoy.

This is a “Must-Have” AC Cord for your Devialet Equipment.

Please make sure you contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today to arrange for an In-Home audition of this amazing Devialet Spec Atmosphere AC Cord.





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