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MiG 2.0 - a new state-of-the-art component isolation footer, featuring Synergistic Research’s High Frequency Transducer Technology. MiG 2.0 Re-Tunes a component’s mechanical resonance while eliminating high frequency noise which is negatively effecting the performance of your components.  MiG 2.0’s are easy to install and highly effective.

Tune-Up your system’s performance level, beyond your dreams, with MiG 2.0’s.

MiG 2.0 632Synergistic Research MiG 2.0 - Sold in a Set of 3

MiG 2.0’s are versatile and can be placed in different ways to fine tune your systems performance:

mig-ambient-2Placement Instructions for Ambient Soundstage


mig-pinpoint-2Placement Instructions for Pin Point Soundstage

Make sure to contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today to arrange for an In-Home Audition of the new MiG 2.0 and experience a system Tune-Up beyond your imagination.



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