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Synergistic Research Technology just out of development



An exciting  evolution of our ever expanding UEF Technology engineered to balance close proximity electromagnetic fields in electronic circuits. When placed inside your components ECT’s or Electronic Circuit Transducers transform ordinary electronics to the extraordinary, while elevating state-of-the-art components to unprecedented levels of refinement. ECT’s significantly improve the function of D to A chips, fuses, IC chips, vacuum tubes, capacitors, analog and digital cables and transformers.

Now is your chance to experience the magic of UEF applied directly to your components and cables and stay tuned, when we return from Munich we will add more information on what is fast becoming the most exciting development in High End Audio in over a generation.

L1003002 632Synergistic Research ECTs - Sold in 5-packs

ECT Demonstration Video

Internal placement suggestion images below:

L1003013 632Synergistic Research ECTs placed on IC chips - On Power Supplies - On Internal Fuse Holders

ECT Tubes sharpen x 1 632Synergistic Research ECTs On Internal Wires - Next to Tube Sockets 

ECT close up circuit632Synergistic Research ECTs On Internal Fuse Holders

ECT Transformer 2 632Synergistic Research ECTs On Power Supplies

L1003055 cropped 632Synergistic Research ECT On USB Cable Connector

External Placement Suggestion Images below:

There might be situations where you don’t have access to the inside of your components, but don’t worry, below are some suggestions on how to apply the ECTs to the outside of your component’s chassis, with an equally impressive performance upgrade to your components.

ect 3Synergistic Research ECTs On the bottom of a component chassis - X diagram layout will work on any component

ect 2Synergistic Research ECTs On the back side of a component chassis

ect 1Synergistic Research ECTs On the front of a component chassis

Please contact your nearest Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today to arrange for a 30 day no risk money back guarantee in-home audition, of yet another amazing Synergistic Research product featuring UEF Technology. Enjoy!




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