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The inspiration for the Tranquility Base came to our lead designer when faced with the challenge of elevating the performance of computer audio to first match (and then exceed) the best performance possible from traditional state-of-the-art (and expensive) multi-box digital solutions.

As Ted saw it, the problem was simple: clean up inherently dirty power supplies and circuits found in computer audio front ends, and the deleterious effect they have on the music we listen to. In order to extract all the information hidden in Red Book and high resolution files, power supplies in digital and analogue sources would first need to be tamed while the signal is still in the computer! Simply filtering signal and electricity as it leaves a component only goes so far, and fails to address this fundamental distortion. Namely, the negative effects that closely positioned circuits, IC chips, circuit components (ie. resistors & capacitors), inductors, and power supplies have on the overall sound of music. By cleaning up the problem before it can affect the music, Ted discovered a fundamental way to improve music reproduction and bring it much closer to the live event; not only for digital based audio but for all audio components.

Tranquility bāsik conditioning Mac Mini and Western Digital Hard Drive

Ted’s breakthrough came when he contemplated the nature of his patented EM Cell technology, as found in our PowerCell line of conditioners and Galileo Cable Cells. He reasoned that if he placed a variation of his EM Cell technology beneath a component, it would have a similar ability to condition signal while still in the component, as it does when conditioning AC and signal running through cables. This led to several new patents pending, and one of the most amazing new products to come to audio in over a decade: the worlds first Active isolation platform capable of conditioning signal while still in your stereo’s components!

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