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“Most importantly, over all sound quality surpasses every other wire offering that I have auditioned in my system. Very highly recommended!”

 “The CTS Element series are the most dynamic, transparent and yet natural sounding wire that I have experienced”


Positive Feedback ISSUE 70
november/december 2013

Element CTS Power Cords, Interconnects, and Loudspeaker Cables

as reviewed by Robert Youman

Element-CTS SC-L1010753Synergistic Research Element CTS Speaker Cable

Highlights from Robert Youman’s review:

“Images were now vividly locked into a three dimensional presentation like I have never experienced before

“I am hearing things that I have never heard before with titles that I have played hundreds of times if not more”

 ”Element CTS was now pushing the envelope, but there was no mid-bass hump or artificial bloom to accomplish this. Like a sledge hammer, output was still extremely tight with even more harmonic density and impact”

Element CTS Digital AC CordSynergistic Research Element CTS Digital AC Power Cord with Enigma Tuning

“The sound stage extended well beyond the speakers and even the walls on some recordings”

 “I have sensed inklings of this in the past, but now I was clearly hearing when a vocalist or a musician was moving their head or walking around the stage”

“Mids and highs were neutral and lightning fast, yet still had appropriate weight, timbre and pitch. No false romance here, but I never experienced any type of edge or sibilance unless it was on the recording itself”

Element-CTS-IC-POP-L1010805Synergistic Research Element CTS Interconnects XLR

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