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“It does not get any better”

“Piano is always a great test of any audio product. In this case, the noise floor is so diminished and the background is so black, that every stroke of the key board, every vibration of the soundboard and metal strings, and virtually every gentle thrust on the pedals comes through with vivid reality”

Positive Feedback ISSUE 70
november/december 2013

Powercell 10SE MkIII

as reviewed by Robert Youman

PowerCell-10-SE-Mk-IIISynergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE MK III

Highlights from Robert Youman’s review:

“The Powercell 10SE MKIII plays a significant role in rolling out a tremendous level of depth and separation. The scope and clarity of the many layers of strings, woodwinds, and brass is astonishing”

“I have never had much success with Power Conditioners. However, I have been very impressed with what this product can do. So much so, that I highly recommend that anyone considering wiring changes in their system, should first audition the Powercell 10SE MKIII”

Element Copper/Tungsten AC CordSynergistic Research Element Copper • Tungsten AC Cord - Comes Standard with PowerCell 10 SE MK III

“One of my favorite LPs for piano and saxophone is Trouble In Mind by Horace Parlan and Archie Shepp on the Steeplechase label. The following is one of those “I’ve heard this a million times, but now it’s like hearing it for first time” experiences”

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