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Robert S Youman of Positive Feedback Online just reviewed the new Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF and FEQ PowerCell Equalizer.


Highlights from Robert S Youman’s review:

“My first objective was to compare the difference between the PowerCell 10SE MKIII and the PowerCell 10 UEF with the new UEF technology upgrades”

“With the UEF upgrades alone, the change in sound quality was significant. There are two consistent improvements that I have experienced with all SR legacy and new products using UEF. There is a clear drop in the noise floor, and a more open, airy sound”

“Highs had a natural yet vivid jump factor and crispness without a trace of analytical presentation or edge”

PowerCell 10 UEF glamor shot w EQ and Element CT 632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF with FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer Connected

“There was a roundness and richness to the midrange that was truly addictive”

“Bass slam, detail and weight were even more impressive”

“My second objective was to then connect the PowerCell Equalizer to the PowerCell 10 UEF and again evaluate the difference and impact on sound”

PowerCell EQ w Cables 632Synergistic Research FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer

“Next, I connected the PowerCell Equalizer. My gosh, now we have gone well beyond a description like “significant.” The word “dramatic” applies. Imaging was even more rock solid and the sound stage seemed to lock in and not just extend. We are talking about layering and holographic experiences that have not been realized before in my system”

“With the PowerCell and PowerCell Equalizer in place, we are now listening to a new album. Suddenly the compressed flat sound expands into a vast soundstage with impressive weight and authority”

“it’s the vast and extensive sound stage that will also get your immediate attention. Your listening room will overflow well beyond the speakers in every direction. Images will lock in with layers of individual instruments at multiple heights and depths”

PowerCell 10 UEF [US] Instructions 632Diagram for connecting FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer to PowerCell 10 UEF

“The sound stage increased in all directions”

“Enhancements were obvious even to the non-audiophile ear”

“There was a definite sense of smoothness and less grain—yet even more impressive dynamics. These variables tend to fight or oppose each other when realized with other products, but not in this case”

“As I said in my earlier review, the proof is in the pudding. As we all know, with this crazy hobby, most things are subjective and only individual taste and priorities will make you a believer or non-believer. All I can say is that these SR products are a must audition. You are missing out on something very special if you don’t check them out. Enough said”

Link to full review here

Please make sure to contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today to arrange for an in-home audition of the NEW PowerCell 10 UEF and FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer.


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