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Robert S. Youman of Positive Feedback just reviewed our RED Fuse.

“Recently I reviewed two relatively new fuses that have entered the market—the HiFi Tuning Supreme and Audio Horizons Platinum… The Synergistic Research Reference RED fuse is a horse of a different color…”


SR RED FuseSynergistic Research RED fuse

Highlights from Robert S Youman’s review:

“My preference between the two initial after-market fuses for my system was the Audio Horizons Platinum (not to say that there might be better synergies that could be realized for the Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme fuses with other systems).”

“The RED fuse has a similar flavor as the Platinum. Again we have additional weight and texture yet it all seemed so much smoother and natural with the RED. …in my system the Platinum seem a little thick and heavy handed on some music (compared to RED)”

“With the RED in place, this was the best my Playback Systems MPS-5 ever sounded. That typical edge and stridency on certain digital recordings was much better controlled if not gone. …it was no contest for my ears. The RED was easily preferred”

“With the RED fuse in place, Holloway’s tenor sax has all the dynamic reedy and transient attack that you could want without that typical digital ringing in your ears. Again we have an expansive sound stage like I have never heard before on digital for this release”

“I could hear into the music with a new level of detail and speed that was easy to differentiate. The soundstage seemed to double in size for both depth and breadth. Again, easy to hear and realize”

“The Synergistic Research Reference RED fuses are an absolute must audition”

“Ranging from $89.95 to $99.95 MSRP depending on size and specifications needed, this product is a relatively inexpensive upgrade and can offer clear and immediate sound quality improvements to your system. Very highly recommended!”

The World’s highest performance fuse, the new Synergistic Research Red fuse, is now available in over 60 different values for you to audition with a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. Now is your chance to experience why everyone is saying, “RED is the new BLACK”!

Link to full review here

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