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Robert S.Youman of Positive Feedback just reviewed our UEF Tuning Circuits and Transporter ULTRA SE.

“Resolution and inner detail was now the best I have heard in my system”

“I will keep it brief. The word that keeps coming up in my notes is “dimensionality.” Again, we are getting all the detail and speed as before, but now there is an additional level of texture, fleshed out harmonics and roundness. Bloom and weight subtly feel more appropriate and correct. Exciting stuff!”

“Is the $150 you need to shell out for a pair of bullets (one silver and one gray) worth the investment? Friends, if you have Synergistic Research wire, this is a no brainer!”

UEF Tuning Circuits632Synergistic Research UEF Tuning Circuits - Set of 4 (2 Gray + 2 Silver)

“A certain level of edge and grain was now removed—not that I noticed it much before”

“Right off the bat, it was easy to hear an impressive improvement in noise floor and a much blacker background”

L1001590 Transporter Ultra SE w PC 632Synergistic Research Transporter ULTRA SE

“I thought it could not get better, but I should have known better. I love this hobby! I love to be surprised. I love when my assumptions are decimated”

“Synergistic Research’s implementation of their UEF (Uniform Energy Field) technology and active shielding in general are very different from the norm”

Transporter ULTRA front 632


Link to full review

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