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Quantum Ground Lifter

Control is power.

The Quantum Ground Lifter offers takes a standard ground lifter and treats it with 1,000,000 volts of electricity in a process we call Quantum Tunneling for an amazing transformation in sound quality from this modest plug. Use the Quantum Ground Lifter to improve electronics that sound their best with a lifted ground. And while looks can be deceiving don't judge a ground lifter by its appearance alone. Try one today and prepared to be surprised.


Note: we cannot recommend you lift your components grounds if doing so violates either the manufacturer's recommendations, or local electrical codes. Please check local laws and with the manufacturer of your equipment before using any ground lifter.


Quantum Ground Lifter Specifications:

Global MSRP

Rating: 120v, 15amp, 50-60Hz
Treatment: UEF-1, Quantum Tunneled

IEC C-14 to C-8 Adaptor

The highest performance adapter of it's kind. Now you can upgrade the quality of your C-8 powered electronics by adapting them for use with any SR power cable. This device fits onto the end of your SR power cable without degrading it's performance. Available in polarized and non-polarized versions. 


Rating: 120v, 15amp, 50-60Hz

Treatment: UEF-1, Quantum Tunneled
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