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UEF BlueDuplex

The Blues never sounded so good.

Built with advanced UEF Blue Fuse Technology, our New UEF Blue Duplex is the most transparent, dynamic and musical sounding duplex on the market today. We start with UEF Blue Fuse Technology including the UEF Blue Fuse Compound, so you experience the Blue Fuses' signature of explosive dynamics, holographic soundstaging, and musicality with extreme resolution. We then condition each UEF Blue Duplex with 1,000,000 volts of electricity for added resolution, clarity and soundstage scale and holography and then apply a second conditioning process first developed for our Blue Fuses to make our new Blue Duplex sound musical right out of the box while reaching near maximum performance after only 96 hours of run time in your system. Sold with a no-risk money back guarantee, audition your system today powered through our highest resolution duplex for risk-free for 30-days. So stop singing the blues and rediscover your music collection with the ultra-resolution SR Blue Duplex from Synergistic Research!

UEF Blue Duplex specifications:

Global MSRP

Body: Thermoplastic Nylon
Outlet: 2 pole 3 wire grounding 15A 125V


Depth (US): 1.130"
Height (US): 3.26"
Width (US): 1.322"

Technical information:

Amps: 20A
Volts: 125V
Volts (AC): 125
Capacity: Duplex
Wire Capacity: 14 - 10 AWG

UEF Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover

  Science Makes Silence.

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