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Howard Kneller of SoundStage reviews our HFT, FEQ and XOT where they earn SoundStage’s coveted, “Reviewers Choice Award”


Highlights From Howard Kneller’s Review:

“Something unusual was going on here”

“When a significant change in a system is made, an audiophile will often hear a difference in sound from the first note or two of music. But with only five HFTs in place, in the Level I (front wall only) configuration, I noticed something remarkable before I heard a single note: The analog tape hiss that precedes “Midnight Rambler,” from the Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC, ABKCO), was crisper and more detailed than I had previously heard”

HFT632Synergistic Research HFT - High Frequency Transducer

“With each additional Level of HFT, ending with Level IV… The noise floor dropped, exposing all kinds of previously hidden microdetails. Voices became less congested, more timbrally accurate and detailed. Imaging greatly improved. Bass lines firmed up and exposed previously masked resonances. High frequencies lost their edgy hardness. The soundstage increased in both height and width”

“When it came time to attach the HFTs to my speaker cabinets, for Level IV, everything improved even further. The speakers themselves “vanished” even more than they had before, leaving only the music, which was remarkably distributed across the soundstage. And the noise floor somehow dropped even lower, which only enhanced the density of tonal colors”

FEQSynergistic Research FEQ - Frequency Equalizer

“Adding the FEQ brought further improvements that were no less dramatic. Voices became more intelligible. The soundstage again grew, and was now more three-dimensional. High frequencies were more defined, with increased “air” and no hardness. Bass was tighter and went deeper. The acoustical properties of recording venues became much more audible. Transparency, refinement, and image specificity also further improved”

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