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Spade Terminations
Chosen to produce the best conductive synergy with Synergistic Research cables, and put through the same stringent subjective listening tests that all final products acquire. Availabe in: 6 AWG Gold, 8 AWG Silver and Gold, and 10 AWG Silver.

BFA Banana Terminations
The highest amount of surface contact in the industry. Sonically, they provide one of the best sounding connectors we’ve experienced. Soldering is receommended.

Screw-type Banana terminations
Flat head set screws for fast secure connections. Available in red and black.

Speaker Cable Termination Kit
A complete set of terminations, heatshrink, and polarity ‘shrinks, for fast and convenient terminations in the field. Available in spade, banana, and bi-wire configurations.

TESLA Quad Termination Kit
The ultimate field upgrade! Turn your TESLA Quad speaker wire, installed in-wall or not, into a fully Active system in just minutes. Requires no soldering! Mini Power Couplers sold separately.


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