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Mike Girardi of Stereo Times just reviewed our HFT and FEQ combination.

“The FEQ and HFT is a paradigm shift in room treatment device design and delivers on its promised performance. Highly recommended”


“The FEQ and HFTs has brought me closer to the music more than any product I have ever reviewed”

“The combination of the FEQ and HFT has made the biggest improvement in my system’s performance since I’ve been reviewing high-end audio components over the last 11 years”


“Happy was the day I removed my previous reference room acoustic treatments and replaced them with the FEQ and HFTs (and it wasn’t a secret that my family felt the same way)”

“My wife, who has played the piano for over 30 years was amazed at how close my system now sounded like a real piano”

“The FEQ and HFT resides in the best in class category for room acoustic treatment”

HFT-632Synergistic Research HFT - High Frequency Transducer

“From an ergonomic and aesthetic standpoint alone they are revolutionary in the application of room acoustic enhancement”

”By themselves, the FEQ and the first level of installed HFTs compared to my reference room treatments, outperformed my reference in areas of soundstage width and depth, layering of instruments, image bloom, lowering of the acoustic noise floor (resulting in less grain and grit), and extreme frequency extension”

“The FEQ and the four levels of HFTs used together far exceeded the performance of my reference room treatments in all ways discussed above but would stood out for me was how the soundstage was immersed within the entire room boundary creating a surround sound effect that no other room treatment has provided in addition to the long decay of individual notes”

FEQSynergistic Research FEQ - Frequency Equalizer


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