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Mike Girardi of Stereo Times has just reviewed our Tranquility Base.

“I’ve always thought my speakers disappeared well but with the Base energized, there was a dramatic reduction in the room/speaker interaction with respect to the soundstage portrayal”

“The SR Base is an engineering breakthrough and delivers on its promised performance. Highly recommended!”



Highlights from Mike Girardi’s review:

“I believe the Tranquility Base will unlock the hidden potential of any audio component”

“I really noticed the reduction in my system’s noise floor”


RMAF 2012 Digital Front End 632- Tranquility BaseSynergistic Research Tranquility Base with Mac Mini and Western Digital Hard Drive


“The super silent background allowed me to identify nearly each instrument and its placement within the orchestra with an enormous sense of space”

“There was also a greater sense of textures of bow on strings and the deep bass crescendos were more explosive as compared to my system sans the Base”

Link for full review

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