Select Page’s Mike Girardi just reviewed the Synergistic Research Atmosphere Series Level 4 Interconnects and Level 4 Speaker cables, along with the NEW SR Grounding Block.



Quotes from Mike Girardi’s review:

“Past performance is a guarantee of future results.” SR has raised the bar once again”

“A component worthy of the designation, the state of the art and sets the bar much higher in terms of performance vs cost. The new Atmosphere Level 4 signal cables and Ground Bar are my new reference”

“Having seen and evaluate many different signal cables, the first thing I noticed was the build quality of these cables and the implementation of an external carbon fiber cylinder thought to reduce internal isolated cable vibrations. This is as good as it gets for the mighty dollar”

Atmosphere-Lvl-4-ICSynergistic Research Atmosphere Series Cables - Level 4 Interconnects - RCA Termination

“But in the reference to the new Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 4 speaker and interconnect cables, it’s the biggest improvement with respect to cable swapping I’ve experienced in over twenty years and easily ranks in the top three component changes”

“The new Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 4 speaker cable has an uncanny holographic soundstage”

“I just couldn’t find a flaw in the SR Atmosphere speaker cables”

Atmosphere-Lvl-4-SPSynergistic Research Atmosphere Series Cables - Level 4 Speaker Cables - Banana Termination

“Overall the SR Atmosphere Level 4 speaker cables sound like I parked my integrated tube amplifier right next to my AZ Crescendo loudspeakers”

“On the more complex recording on this track, the SR Atmosphere speaker cables had knack for unraveling all of the details which brought me closer to what the artists were trying to convey”

“The SR Atmosphere Level 4 balanced interconnect revealed just how signal restrictive my previous reference really is”

High-Def-Grounding-Tranq-Base-2-632Synergistic Research Grounding Block connected to Synergistic Research Tranquility Base

“Because the ground connections are now isolated from my system, this alone convinced me that the SR Grounding Block is a must have component”

“Overall each instrument had greater depth (particularly stringed instruments in this album), the frequency extremes were better defined/controlled, transients were articulated more crisply, the surrounding ambience had greater clarity, and the music was more relaxed (and so was I). The improvements conveyed above were magnified when the Base was plugged into the Grounding Block”

For Mike Girardi’s full review click (Here)

Make sure to contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today to arrange for an In-Home Audition of Atmosphere Series Cables and SR Grounding Block. Enjoy!



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