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StereoTime’s Mike Girardi reviews the new Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF, FEQ PowerCell EQ and Element CTS Digital power cords.


Highlights from Mike Girardi’s review:

“I knew within the first 10 seconds something extraordinary occurred in my system when listening to the first track… Cheryl Crow’s voice had a greater clarity and presence while being more true to a live performance on each cut with the PC 10 UEF installed”

“…compared to the design of many other power conditioners in the market place which contain transformers, chokes, etc. in the conductor signal path, the EM Cell acts passively to condition alternating current with differential EM fields resulting in an AC power conditioner that is non-current limiting”

PowerCell-UEF-faceplate-cropped 632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF - Front View

“…the PowerCell UEF excelled over the PowerCell 10SE MKIII in the following areas:

a) The noise floor dropped (which I didn’t think was possible) while exposing the finest details across the entire frequency spectrum and revealing the longest decay of individual notes.

b) The micro-dynamic shadings where further amplified to enhance the overall realism.

c) The depth and width of the soundstage expanded well past the back and side walls due to the overall reduced signal compression.

d) The presentation was more relaxed and more natural with enhanced pin point imaging.

e) The music had a more accurate tonal balance which no component has even provided.

f) The mid and lower bass lines were much easier to follow and had even greater definition”

PowerCell 10 UEF glamor shot w EQ and Element CT 632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF with connected FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer

“The PowerCell UEF stood above the PowerCell MKIII when comparing the performance of each individual instrument that comprised the band… The electric guitar played by Peter Stroud was more detailed, displayed greater micro-dynamics, and was more relaxed with the PC 10 UEF installed”

“The PowerCell UEF was not just a slight revision of the PowerCell MKIII but an entirely different power conditioner”

PowerCell 10 UEF Closeup New Connections632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF connectors for FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer

“…as a materials engineer with thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of microelectronics, I was curious as to how SR could accomplish the integration of the FEQ PowerCell EQ and be successful”

“With the FEQ PowerCell Equalizer installed, all performance enhancements brought by the PowerCell UEF as listed above where maintained but my system was transformed in the following areas:

a) The music had much more substance (more heft) or displayed greater image density and depth filled with tonal colors and textures.
b) The presentation was even more relaxed and more natural; it had more of the warm sound I crave and hear in my tube based system”

PowerCell EQ w Cables 632Synergistic Research FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer with connection wires

“Lyle Lovett’s voice maintained the position of just in front of the loud speaker baffle but was much bigger, more expressive, easier to pinpoint, and more articulate. The images of each instrument on the various tracks listed above had a greater density, were closer to real sizes, and were filled with diverse tonal colors when the PC UEF and FEQ PE was installed. I just didn’t think my system would ever get to this state of finality until the PowerCell UEF with FEQ PowerCell EQ was installed. It was like rediscovering my hires downloads and CD library all over again”

“The beauty of the FEQ PowerCell EQ lies in the fact that it provides a significant upgrade path for one who wants to start with the PowerCell UEF line conditioner (first and upgrade to the FEQ PowerCell EQ at a later date)”

“In comparison to the PowerCell 10SE MKIII, the lower bass notes near the end of this cut were particularly more musical, went much lower, and were better defined with the PowerCell UEF and FEQ PE employed”

“In summary, each piece on this album, displayed a warmer more natural tone which reminded me of the many analog recordings I listened to in my youth. The FEQ PowerCell Equalizer wasn’t just another “box like tweak” but showed itself as an essential upgrade to the PC UEF which I believe is all due to the incorporation of the FEQ technology…”

Element CTS Digital AC CordSynergistic Research Element CTS Digital AC Power Cord

“The Element C.T.S. Digital AC cord was different in the following significant ways:

a) More natural, richer, fuller sounding with the slightest bit of grain that was heard on the Tesla Hologram completely gone

b) Greater micro-dynamics

c) Greater resolution and transparency

d) Almost without a sonic signature”

“Getting back to one of my reference recordings… I was impressed on more natural sounding my system was when I swapped in the SR Element C.T.S. Digital AC power cord”

“The PowerCell 10 UEF, FEQ PowerCell Equalizer, and Element C.T.S. Digital AC power cables… improve all areas of the sonic performance yet provide a more natural and musical presentation which is not commonly seen in audio”

“The combination of all three products under review has brought out the best in my associated equipment, moreover, a sound that like analog, which is at the heart of the hobby”

“Thankfully, one can start with the PowerCell 10 UEF and experience the significant upgrade the UEF technology over the PowerCell 10SE MKIII and then add the FEQ PowerCell Equalizer later”

“The PowerCell 10 UEF, FEQ PowerCell Equalizer, and Element Series AC power cables are my new references”

Link to the complete review - Here

Please contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today to arrange an in-home audition of the new PowerCell 10 UEF and the FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer and find out what your were missing in your system.

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