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TESLA LE Subwoofer 1 cables deliver the same benefits as our retired Alpha Sterling Active Subwoofer cables, but to a greater degree. Benefits start with deeper frequency extension, and not like turning up the volume on your powered subwoofer, but like upgrading to a much better subwoofer. The effect is not unlike spending many times as much on a much better subwoofer. As with all Synergistic Research Active Subwoofer cables, soundstage depth and width will be greatly enhanced, with layering and holographic presence that is startling at first listen. The TESLA LE Subwoofer 1 cable outperforms the Alpha Sterling in it’s application with higher performance powered subwoofers, to deliver enhanced detail from lower frequencies and the highest frequencies your system is capable of producing. Refinement of overall presentation will also be enhanced with smoother highs, more layered mid-range, and deeper, more extended bass frequencies, all with a more layered and holographic sound-stage.

The new Active TESLA LE subwoofer cables feature the ability to change the voicing of your system via three different Active Shielding circuits, called “Enigma Bullets”. Each circuit features a different sonic characteristic:

• Silver Module = Open and airy
Black Module = Warm and rich
Grey Module = A hybrid of both the Black and Silver

The “Enigma Bullets” enables you to fine tune any component for a perfect system match.

“Enigma” Active Shielding Tuning Circuits.

Application: For systems seeking to optimize low frequency extension, with better integration, and an overall increase in sound-stage depth, width, and layering. Detail in the upper and mid-range frequencies will also be improved with more inner detail and extension when compared to Alpha Sterling Active Subwoofer cables.

Geometry: Dual Parallel (Active Conductors: Copper Matrix Type 1 )

Terminations: RCA and XLR

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