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Subwoofer-2TESLA LE Subwoofer 2 Interconnect

The hand crafted Active Subwoofer cable is another weapon in the Synergistic Research arsenal. After the accolades and rave reviews received for Synergistic Research cables, from one generation to the next, we were urged to develop a subwoofer link. We developed specialized low frequency geometries, and of course installed Zero Capacitance Active Shielding technology to the inherent signal transfer aspect that low frequencies require. The results were nothing short of amazing.

We have always been aware of just how important phase coherency is in signal transfer. Now through our research we have discovered that lower frequencies are extremely sensitive to very small changes in phase coherency. For example: A 20 hertz low frequency wave requires at least 40 feet to propagate. If the phase is out, by just a little, it provides an unstable platform for the frequencies that are directly above. Higher frequencies have shorter wave lengths, and these are adversely affected by phase shift anomalies at the lower frequency range.

The new Active TESLA LE subwoofer cables feature the ability to change the voicing of your system via three different Active Shielding circuits, called “Enigma Bullets”. Each circuit features a different sonic characteristic:

• Silver Module = Open and airy
Black Module = Warm and rich
Grey Module = A hybrid of both the Black and Silver

The “Enigma Bullets” enables you to fine tune any component for a perfect system match.

“Enigma” Active Shielding Tuning Circuits.


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