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This morning we awoke to a wonderful surprise from Dr. David W. Robinson of Positive Feedback Magazine. Since we could not possibly say it better than he, here is verbatim the email we received…


Subject: Congratulations! Your Positive Feedback Brutus Awards for 2015…

…are attached. This is my personal award for the “best that I heard in my listening room.” To your design and production credit, you had a handful of SR products (six!) on my list here at the end of the year. This ties the record for the most that I’ve given in a year to a single company.
The .PDF files are 300 ppi for high-resolution hard copy for display in offices, at shows, etc. The .JPGs are for use on your Web site.
Congratulations again on this achievement! Only the best really impresses me…and SR has clearly produced some exceptional products!

All the best,
Dr. David W. Robinson
Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback

The Awarded products are:

  • HFTs - HFT, HFT X, HFT 2.0
  • Atmosphere with ATM
  • Black Box
  • MiG 2.0
  • SR Ground Block & HD Ground Cables
  • SR Active Ethernet SE Cable

Below you will find product images and copies of Award Certificates.

2.0 and x 632Synergistic Research HFT X and HFT 2.0 - High Frequency Transducers

Synergistic_Research_HFT 632


Atmosphere-632Synergistic Research - Atmosphere with Atmosphere Tuning Module - Acoustic Wave Generator

Synergistic_Research_Atmosphere_ATM 632


Black Box Side 632Synergistic Research - Black Box - Low Frequency (LF) Stabilizer

Synergistic_Research_Black_Box 632


MiG 2.0 632Synergistic Research - MiG 2.0 - Component Isolation Footers with HFT Technology

Synergistic_Research_MiG_2.0 632


Ground Block 632Synergistic Research - Ground Block with HD Ground Cable (USB) Termination

Synergistic_Research_Grounding_Box 632


CORE DIGITAL 632Synergistic Research - Active Ethernet SE Cable

Synergistic_Research_Active_Ethernet_SE 632

Please also read Dr. David W. Robinson’s article/review on the awarded products, click link below.

Link for full review (Here)

Make sure to contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor for an in-home audition of these amazing products, you will be glad you did.



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