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In mid 2012 Synergistic Research entered the fuse market with SR20 Quantum Fuses and we quickly became the fuse to beat worldwide.

Never a company to rest on past success we began seeking new ways to elevate fuse performance concentrating on both conductor materials and new treatment processes.

Synergistic Research RED Fuses feature proprietary alloy burn wires and end caps encased in anti-resonant ceramic bodies. RED fuses are then treated with 2,000,000 volts of electricity in a process we call Quantum Tunneling that alters the conductor at a molecular level for optimum performance. Unique to SR RED Fuses is a new treatment process applied exclusively to SR RED Fuses that realigns the crystal structure of both the burn wire and the end caps for a refinement in high frequency characteristics and improved timbre linearity. All told SR RED fuses significantly outperform every other high-end fuse on the market and are the only fuses guaranteed to deliver a significant increase in system performance or your money back. When compared to our award winning SR20 Quantum Fuses, SR RED Fuses sound more refined with smoother highs and more linear frequency extension from the deepest bass to the highest highs; no small feat given the remarkable performance of our original SR20 Quantum Fuses.

SR RED FuseSynergistic Research RED Fuse 5x20mm & 6.3x32mm

A fuse by any other name: RED

Synergistic Research RED Fuses are actually white so why name them RED? The answer comes from their development. When voicing new SR products we do A LOT of blind listening tests. In the case of our new RED Fuses we evaluated several different fuses made from different materials. We then perfected a new proprietary treatment process unique to SR RED Fuses custom formulated to elevate performance. To keep track of the fuse that would ultimately sound best we color coded each version. In the end the best sounding fuse was the fuse with a red dot. During development we kept referring to this winning fuse as “the red fuse.” In the end the name stuck and our new SR RED Fuse was born.

If you haven’t already auditioned our amazing new RED fuses in your system contact an authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today for a no-risk 30-day in-home trial. All SR RED Fuse values are sold with a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee. With Synergistic Research RED Fuses you have everything to gain and nothing to lose except of course yesterday’s performance robbing fuses, guaranteed!



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