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Synergistic Research will launch several new products at T.H.E. Show Newport 2015 including the much heralded “Black Box” that elegantly and simply solves bass node issues in most rooms. Also new for Newport are two new HFTs- HFT 2.0 and HFT X that take the HFT concept to exciting new levels.


Black Box 632Synergistic Research Black Box - LF (Low Frequency) Stabilizer

This year’s state-of-the-art T.H.E. Show system consists of Synergistic Research Atmosphere Series Level 4 interconnects and speaker cables paired with Galileo LE AC Power Cords. For digital we will use Galileo LE USB cables along with the world debut of a NEW Galileo LE Digital Cable. Mated with Magico S5 loudspeakers driven by Soulution electronics and a Berkeley Reference DAC. In the analog corner we have an Acoustic Signature Thunder Turntable equipped with a Soundsmith Hyperion Cartridge while master tapes are handled by the SONORUS ATR10 Reel-Reel tape deck.

Atmosphere-Lvl-4-ICSynergistic Research Atmosphere Series Cables - Level 4 Interconnect - RCA Termination

High-Def-Ground-connection-for-Grounding-Block-632Synergistic Research Grounding Block with HD Ground Main Cable Attached

Live demonstrations will feature Synergistic Research UEF Technology; Atmosphere Acoustic Wave Generator, NEW HFT 2.0 & HFT X - High Frequency Transducers, and making its North American debut, the new Black Box Low Frequency (LF) - Stabilizer that dramatically improves low frequencies without the need for large and cumbersome acoustic treatments. Combined, these SR technologies represent the world’s most advanced acoustic treatments, isolation platforms, AC line conditioners and cables.

Atmosphere-632Synergistic Research Atmosphere - Acoustic Wave Generator

At the top of each hour you will have an opportunity to hear music with and without Synergistic Research technologies in place. Synergistic Research will take T.H.E. Show by storm so arrive early at the top of the hour for what promises to be the most amazing sound at T.H.E. Show!




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