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quote …the Tesla PowerCell and Active cables are a very good investment in better sound.”
Jack Roberts, Dagogo

The PowerCell 10 has our patent pending Active EM filter technology and composite chassis that sets the PowerCell apart from all other line conditioners. With its 5 isolated circuits ,any system with 5 components or less can have the benefit of 5 isolated circuits, with zero cross contamination between components. For example: let’s say your system is comprised of a digital transport, D to A converter, pre-amp, and stereo amp. Each of these components can have its own isolated circuit for pure power, without digital to analog cross contamination, which can occur when two components share the same duplex or the same line conditioner. The 5th TESLA Plex can then be used for the PowerCell 10’s MPC power supply, with its additional outlet being used to power a QLS 6 or 9, for improved system wide performance when powering up to nine MPC power supplies for TESLA Active Shielding or additional components.

Home theater systems benefit from the PowerCell 10’s additional outlets, with unlimited current delivery. Add one or two QLS 6‘s or QLS 9‘s and you’ll have all the connectivity and pure power you need for an entire home theater system including clean power for video, audio, and an entire system of Active TESLA cables.

Adding a TESLA T3 Ultra High Current (UHC) power cord with a 20 amp IEC connector will improve the PowerCell 10’s performance significantly.

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