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quote …the most eased and relaxed sense of music I have heard in my system, and to me there is no higher praise I can give.”

The PowerCell 6 has the same internal EM filter and composite chassis as found on the PowerCell 10, but with 3 isolated circuits for each of its TESLA Plex AC outlets. Its Active EM filter is powered by one 30 volt MPC power supply. Rated at 20 amps, the PowerCell 6 can handle an entire systems power needs without limiting current. Two channel systems gain all the connectivity they need for a pair of high current mono-blocks or a stereo amp, a pre amp, and separate digital components with one outlet left for the PowerCell’s MPC power supply. If additional connectivity is required, you can add a QLS 6 or QLS 9, for up to nine MPC power supplies or additional components.

For improved system wide Active Shielding performance use either a QLS 6 or QLS 9 for up to 9 MPC power supplies for enhanced TESLA Active Shielding. Connect your QLS with an Active TESLA T2 power cord plugged directly into your PowerCell for a significant improvement to the sound of all your Active TESLA cables.

Adding a TESLA T3 Ultra High Current (UHC) power cord with a 20 amp IEC connector will improve the PowerCell’s performance significantly.

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