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TESLA Quad represents the zenith of in-wall speaker cable design. There is not another custom installation speaker cable in the world that undergoes such a strict regiment of design and manufacture. Even directionality of the TESLA Quad is taken into consideration.

To determine directionality, each quantity of Synergistic Research TESLA Quad actually goes through subjective listening tests BEFORE the jacket material is even applied, to give the purest accuracy and most musical presentation. In it’s non-Active state, the TESLA Quad is easily the best in-wall speaker cable available.

The careful planning and design of the TESLA Quad geometry allows for future upgrade to Active Shielding technology. Built into the TESLA Quad geometry are all the necessary components to employ Active Shielding. This is accomplished by simply integrating an Active Shielding Kit. The result is the highest performing in-wall speaker cable in existence. TESLA Quad has the same make-up as Alpha speaker wire, with double the conductors, and includes an additional 22 AWG Active Shielding return wire.


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