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The TESLA SE T1 is a flexible non-Active power cord comprised of one high current Tricon and one T2 cable geometry. This cable has a fast and open sound, with wonderful mid-range bloom and low frequency control.

As a power cord for plasma and LCD, as well as projectors, the TESLA SE T1 represents near state-of-the-art performance with noticeable improvements to black point levels and greater detail in shaded areas, as well as improved color saturation and sharper detail. The TESLA SE T1 noticeably lowers noise and motion artifacts that plague LCD and plasma screens, especially when viewing standard definition broadcasts.

Since the TESLA SE T1 is non-Active, you have maximum flexibility when powering video sources where additional wires may be unwanted, or when additional outlets for an MPC power supply may be unavailable. The TESLA SE T1 represents the state-of-the-art for non-Active power cords when used on video monitors and projectors.

Options: The TESLA SE T1 is a 15-amp cord using our own GO7 IEC and Wall plug.

Our new Quantum Tunneled G 07 wall plugs and IEC’s utilize a 100% gold signal and ground conductors; from signal contact blades to termination blocks. This allows the G 07 to really push the envelope, with gold delivering a light transparent warmth, and Quantum Tunneling providing detail in a massive and liquid soundscape. The G 07’s balance is liquid, highly detailed, and musical. Please see image below.

Built with a special slim line finish that makes routing the TESLA SE T1 Power Cords behind flat panel monitors and projectors as easily as stock power cords.

Geometry: 1 High Current Tricon / 1 High Current T2

Conductors: 3 x FPC Silver / 3 x OFC Copper

Wall Plug / IEC: Synergistic Research G 07

Available Finish: Stealth Black


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