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Active Shielding / Zero Reactive Capacitance: The TESLA SE T3 Active Power Cord is a high current variant of TESLA SE T2, with a special 4 conductor “T” Series geometry, and 2 high current Tricon geometries. TESLA SE T3 improves on our TESLA SE T2 as a high current power amplifier cable, delivering an enhanced holographic presence, with more air, and a seductive mid-range with a relaxed and musical balance. As a high resolution pre-amp / digital power cord, TESLA SE T3 has increased resolution and air due to its twin Tricon geometries when compared to TESLA SE T2. Thick yet flexible, the T3 is easy to work with and delivers excellent performance on amplifiers, with rich harmonic texture, and enhanced air and resolution on pre amps and digital components.

The new TESLA SE AC Power Cords feature the ability to change their voicing via three different Active Shielding Modules “Enigma Bullets”. Each Module features a different sonic characteristic:

• Silver Module = Open and airy
Black Module = Warm and rich
Grey Module = A hybrid of both the Black and Silver

Now you can fine tune your system’s AC to perfectly match your components, and when or if you change components, you can change the voicing as well. It’s like having 3 power cords in 1.

“Enigma” Active Shielding Tuning Circuits.

Our new Quantum Tunneled G 07 wall plugs and IEC’s utilize a 100% gold signal and ground conductors; from signal contact blades to termination blocks. This allows the G 07 to really push the envelope, with gold delivering a light transparent warmth, and Quantum Tunneling providing detail in a massive and liquid soundscape. The G 07’s balance is liquid, highly detailed, and musical. Please see image below.



Composition: 2 x high current Tricon geometry, 1 x high current 4 conductor T3 geometry, Zero Reactive Capacitance Active Shielding with one 30 volt MPC, 4 micron 24K Gold IEC contacts for rich harmonic texture. Each T3 Power Cord is Quantum Tunneled in our California factory. The T3 is available in 15-amp and 20-amp versions.

Geometry: 2 x High Current Tricon / 1 x High Current T3

Conductors: 6 x FPC Silver / 4 x OFC Copper

Wall Plug / IEC: Synergistic Research G 07

Available Finish: Stealth Black or Gold Standard

Combine TESLA SE Power Cords In Your System: When voicing your system using Active TESLA SE Power Cords, start with stock power cords on your digital components. Then place a TESLA SE T3 power cord on your amplifier(s), and compare TESLA SE T2 to TESLA SE T3 on your pre-amplifier. Finally, replace the stock power cord on your digital source (CD or DVD) and compare TESLA SE T3 to TESLA SE T2 powering your digital components. As you compare TESLA SE T2 to TESLA SE T3 power cords, you will notice differences in high frequency presentation as well as mid range bloom and soundstaging. At each juncture select the cable that sounds most musical to you before moving to the next level.

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