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The all new TESLA Series cables combine three revolutionary technologies based on the work of Nikola Tesla - the Tesla Tricon cable geometry, Zero Capacitance Active Shielding, and a proprietary Patent Pending conditioning process in a new line of cables that are smaller and more flexible than our previous models with significantly higher performance and value.

TESLA Cables allow you to hear deeper into recordings with detail that’s transparent and non-fatiguing. In fact starting at the Accelerator interconnect and speaker cable level, TESLA Cables outperform every cable we have ever pitted them against regardless of price.

These extraordinary cables represent a new benchmark by which all other cables can be measured and they do this with seemingly opposite strengths. When was the last time you heard cables that set the standard for inner detail, speed, pin-point imaging and transparency while presenting music with as rich and warm a mid-range as cables that set the standard for smooth sound? When was the last time you heard cables that were so holographic that they presented a sound field that wrapped around your listening chair in a two channel system?

Quantum Tunneling High Voltage Conditioning

Quantum Tunneling

Quantum Tunneling

Quantum Tunneling is a process that changes the way a cable conducts signal at the subatomic level, affecting the entire cable assembly: connectors (RCA, XLR, spade, or banana), solder joints, dielectric, and signal & ground conductors are all transformed and integrated as a single unit. By applying a two million volt signal to a cable at a specific pulse modulation, and ultra high frequency for an exact duration of time, we transform the entire cable at a molecular level through a process we call Quantum Tunneling. This process is performed on all TESLA Series cables, from Galileo Basik Strings and Au 79 and Magnetic Tricon to Apex, and can be applied to models not Quantum Tunneled for an additional charge. The before and after is startling, with a lower noise floor and improvements in inner detail, air, low frequency extension, and overall transparency and signal speed.

Quantum Tunneled components and accessories include: All Tesla PowerCell’s, the Teslaplex AC duplex, Galileo Universal Cable Cells, Full Galileo Cable System, Acoustic ART System Resonators (Full Acoustic ART System. Acoustic ART Basik and MiG component resonators are not treated).

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