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The Synergistic Research Challenge allows you to audition any Synergistic Research product, including our new Tranquility Bases, PowerCell line conditioners, Element Series interconnects and speaker cables, and of course TESLA SE power cords, whether your dealer stocks Synergistic Research or not. To take the challenge, simply contact your nearest Synergistic Research dealer, call us, or click on the application form below. Your Synergistic Research dealer, or one of our system engineers will get back to you with questions regarding your system and performance goals. After that you’ll be auditioning Synergistic Research products in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re currently auditioning a competing brand from a non-Synergistic Research dealer, the Synergistic Research Challenge allows you to conduct a side-by-side comparison, so you can make an informed decision regarding your system’s performance. You many even audition Synergistic Research products at half the price of competing brands; we are that confident in the performance of our technologies so we’re calling the entire cable industry out!

Until you hear these amazing new products, you have no idea of how good your system can sound or how far your budget can take you. After that, it’s your decision, with no risk should you decide on a competing brand.

Click here to complete your Synergistic Research Challenge application on-line.

The Synergistic Research Challenge is good only within the United States of America.

Galileo SC Cell connected to speaker 600 x 600

New Galileo Universal Speaker Cell connected to a bi-wire speaker

MiG w packadging

The new MiG harmonically tuned footers may just be the most amazing (and cost effective) accessory you’ll ever own. Audition a set under your digital components today.

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