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At Synergistic Research, we’re all about creating synergy. We focus on you, your goals, your desire to hear beautiful music at home. We know the importance music plays in your life, and we strive to make your musical experiences as fulfilling as possible. We know because we are passionate about music, just like you are. We’re driven to take music to the next level and just like you, we love nothing more then to retreat to our home systems and get lost in music, if only for an hour or two per day. In these difficult times, we find music brings peace and the energy to soldier on in the face of adversity. In short, music is more important than ever, and we will never lose site of our commitment to bringing you innovative solutions and a sincere desire to help you realize your audio dreams.

Over the years, we’ve isolated four key aspects of system setup, and developed products based on these findings. When properly matched, Synergistic Research creates balance in your system.

Cables IC - SC - Galileo Cell

1. Audio Cables- TESLA LE cables designed to match your system, Galileo Universal Cable Cells


2. AC Power-  TESLA SE power cords, TESLA PowerCell power conditioners, TESLA Plex SE
3. Room Acoustics- Acoustic ART analogue room treatment resonators
MiG w packadging
4. Mechanical Resonance- MiG component resonators

When creating magic in your system, not one of these four aspects of system set up should be overlooked. Fortunately it is not important, or even necessary, to purchase the most expensive cables, electronics, or speakers when seeking satisfying results. It is far more important to focus on your system as a whole, and to address and budget for each of these four areas accordingly. At Synergistic Research, we have developed unique products that work together on each of these four principals. We work with you in developing a strategy to bring your system in balance. With Synergistic Research, you get off the audio merry-go-round and get down to what matters most: music.

Of course, it’s only human nature to assume the biggest, or the most expensive, equals the best. It can, but not until you possess the knowledge and sufficient resources to address the four foundational aspects of system set-up. Often a “bigger = better” mindset leads people to over purchase in areas they deem most necessary (ie. an extremely expensive power amplifier or pair of speakers), at the expense of other areas of equal (if not greater) importance. In fact, if you do not address each of these four foundational areas with a strategy to create synergy, you will never realize your system’s full potential. Failure to focus on synergy leads to an imbalance that leaves your system sounding flat, bright (or dark), compressed, and ultimately unsatisfying.

Sadly, many audiophiles (and music lovers) are not aware that the most common aspect of the world’s truly great systems lies in a foundation of careful system set-up, with an emphasis on each of these four principals, in balance with a system’s electronics and speakers. Instead, people tend to get myopic when designing their audio systems, focusing on only a handful of personal priorities like electronics and speakers, or perhaps a special turntable and cartridge. They assume if they can just buy the “best they can afford”, they will get wonderful sound. Later, when they assemble their dream system, sprinkle in high end cables and power cords without thought for creating synergy, a line conditioner, and perhaps a dedicated AC line or two, they are still left feeling unsatisfied. This often leads to a frantic search for “what went wrong,” and because they do not grasp the entire picture, they return to the same process that brought them failure in the first place. Fortunately, when you do pay attention to what matters most in your system, you not only get vastly more satisfying results, you also end up saving a lot of money.

Galileo Challenge

Take the Synergistic Research Challenge!

At Synergistic Research, our authorized dealers have the right solutions and knowledge to help you realize your audio dreams. When you’re ready, we can help isolate key areas of concern in your system, and then prescribe just the right cables and accessories to take control of your system and acoustics through our no risk Synergistic Research Challenge.

Synergistic Research- are you experienced?

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