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Tranquility bāsik

Tranquility Base XL, Tranquility Base & Tranquility bāsik

  • Actively improves the performance of any component placed atop a Tranquility Base
  • Allows common furniture to perform like the best audiophile grade furniture
  • Improves state-of-the-art isolation racks significantly
  • A game changer for modest components transforming them to near state-of-the-art
  • Transforms state-of-the-art components dramatically. This has to be heard to be believed
  • Easily auditioned and demonstrated with repeatable results
  • Improves audio AND video
  • Cost effective

Audio Applications:

  • Under Turntables – Dramatically improves clarity and sound staging
  • CD Players, DACS and Transports sound almost analouge
  • Computer Audio - a significant upgrade to MAC and PC based file servers
  • Hard drives- A surprising but significant improvement
  • One Tranquility bāsik has enough area to treat a Mac Mini, a hard drive and small DAC or Music Cable
  • Pre-Amps
  • External Cross-overs
  • Amplifiers

Video Applications:

  • DVD and BluRay players
  • Cable and satellite boxes are dramatically improved in both picture and audio quality


  • Outperforms state-of-the-art $10,000+ isolation platforms and racks
  • Delivers game changing performance to common non audio furniture
  • A significant upgrade when paired with the best isolation racks and platforms
  • Tranquility Base XL is a direct replacement for shelves on large Grand Prix racks and amp stands

Easily Demonstrated:

  • Place any component atop a Tranquility Base and enjoy amazing improvements in audio and video quality
  • All Tranquility Bases are Active so you can turn their benefits on and off
  • The Tranquility Base can be tailored to suite your tastes with included Enigma Tuning Bullets
  • Enigma Tuning Bullets change the sound of your system from rich and warm to open and airy

Enigma Tuning Bullets on a Tranquility Base

Easy to implement in any system or décor:

  • Works wonders with standard furniture as well as audiophile grade isolation platforms and racks
  • Can be daisy chained so one power supply powers multiple bases
  • Passive ground plane can be daisy chained so one AC outlet grounds multiple bases
  • One Tranquility Base can treat multiple components

Audible Benefits Include:

  • A significant opening of the sound field
  • A drop in the perceived noise floor
  • Smoother more extended highs
  • Tighter and more defined bass
  • Improved layering of images in the sound stage
  • A dramatic decoupling of the sound field from the speakers and room
  • Allows listeners to hear deeper into recordings revealing intricate as well as subtle passages with never before attained clarity

Available in three levels:

Tranquility bāsik

  • Level 1 Active Signal Flow Control
  • 7 layer laminate mechanical isolation
  • One set of MiG resonator footers
  • 17 inches wide x 14 inches deep, 1″ tall

Tranquility Base

  • Level 2 Active Signal Flow Control
  • Level 1 Passive Ground Plane
  • 9 layer laminate mechanical isolation
  • Two sets of MiG resonator footers
  • 18.5 inches wide x 16 inches deep, 1.5″ tall

Tranquility Base XL

  • Level 2 Active Signal Flow Control
  • Level 1 Passive Ground Plane
  • 9 layer laminate mechanical isolation
  • One set of MiG resonators and one set of BIG MiG resonator footers
  • 20 inches wide x 23 inches deep, 1.5″ tall
  • Amp stand for large stereo and mono block amplifiers
  • A direct replacement for shelves on large Grand Prix racks

For more information on the inspiration behind the Tranquility Base

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