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The 2012 TAS product of The Year awards have just been announced, and we are very excited about the THREE 2012 TAS Product of The Year awards we received. Please see more information below:


 2012 TAS - AC Power Conditioner of The Year

Synergistic Reseearch PowerCell 10SE Mk III- $5,500

Though he hasn’t explicitly commented on them before, JV has been using various iterations of Synergistic Research power conditioners for several years now. Each has been better (lower in noise picked up and transmitted, higher in perceived resolution of timbres, transients, performance details, miking schemes, you name it) than the last, and the latest, the PowerCell SE 10 Mk III, has finally prompted JV to break his silence and give long overdue praise where praise is due. Synergistic’s Ted Denney is the most outside-the-box thinker in the cable/conditioner business; he dreams up stuff nobody else has given a passing thought to—and then he builds it. The PowerCells, which provide active AC-conditioning for TESLA or Galileo interconnects and speaker cables, is yet another example of his ingenuity. Denney wouldn’t be quite as much of a phenom—or quite as unsettling—if his products didn’t work so darn well. But they do. JV’s reference. (JV, Mk. III not reviewed; Mk. II reviewed by NG in Issue 192)

Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE Mk III

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2012 TAS - Upper-End Loudspeaker Cable of the Year

Synergistic Research Element Tungsten $2,800/8 ft. pair

The Element Series represents Synergistic’s innovative and costly Galileo System technology in full trickle-down mode. The real sleeper of the speaker cable series is Element tungsten. It features pure Tungsten conductors, uses actively shielded air dielectrics, and Synergistic’s user-selectable Enigma Tuning Bullets (silver, black, gray) that run in parallel with the Active Shielding. Neither light nor dark in character Element Tungsten cues off the recording itself. Spatial relationships and ambience retrieval are its true métier, and it defines orchestral layers at will. It’s a cable that elicits greater sensitivity to music’s gradations—dynamic, micro-dynamic, timbral, and transient—but it’s also ruthlessly revealing. Element’s near-limitless palette of tonal colors paints the sounds of instruments with the specificity of just a handful of wires we’ve review in the past. (Neil Gader 226)

Synergistic Research Element Tungsten Speaker Cable

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2012 TAS - Mid-Priced Interconnect of The Year

Synergistic Element Tungsten $2000/1m pair

It is difficult, if not foolish, to underestimate the significance of the crucial source/amp cable link. Drop the baton here and the system never sparks to life. Element Tungsten, from Synergistic Research’s Element Series, is the most cost-effective insurance to prevent such mishaps. We called its pricier big Brother Element CTS “a cable at the vanguard of dimensional reproduction,” but at a fraction of the CTS’s price Element Tungsten isn’t far behind. It’s a bit darker and a touch more forgiving than the flagship CTS but possesses some of the same amazing ambient qualities. Designed with Active Shielding and equipped with Enigma Tuning Bullets. (NG, 226)

Synergistic Research Element Tungsten Interconnect

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