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The Acoustic ART System just keeps generating more and more buzz! Jonathan Valin and The Absolute Sound have published a complete review of the Acoustic ART System in a high performance 2 channel system, which also happens  to feature  a  complete Galileo System and a  PowerCell. Click here to find the original publication (with full color photos), or read our transcript below. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find more reviews of the Acoustic ART System.

Unusually Effective New Tweaks For Hi-Fi Systems

Jonathan Valin

Reprinted from: The Absolute Sound, February 2006

Over the last few months, I’ve come across a number of new devices for room treatment and vibration/resonance control that really work in the ways that I like such things to work—which is to say, all of them lower coloration, increase transparency to sources, and raise resolution without killing dynamics.

The first item—or items—is an unconventional room treatment from Synergistic Research, called the ART (Acoustic Room Treatment) system. I will be reviewing these temple-bell-like objects in The Absolute Sound in the near future, but for the time being know that all four parts of this system (the large Vibratron, which sits on a tall tongue-depressor-shaped stand, the smaller Bass Station, Gravitrons, and Magnatrons, which sit on wooden stands in front of your speakers or on little wedges of wood attached to your walls) work together to improve room acoustics by masking early-arrival reflections and comb-filtering, thereby clarifying and seemingly expanding the soundfield. In combination with Shakti Hallographs, which have much the same effects, they can do wonders for reducing brightness in an overly live-sounding room or for controlling midbass resonances in a smaller one. A starter set of ART products (including a Vibratron for the front wall, a Bass Station for the front wall, a Gravitron for the back wall, and two Magnatrons for the sidewalls) will set you back $2995. Granted this is a lot of money (especially if you combine the ART with Hallographs, as I do), but it is a WHOLE lot cheaper than custom-building a dedicated listening room and—from my experience of “scientifically designed” dedicated listening rooms—a whole lot better sounding.

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