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Synergistic Research had another massive CES this year, with two rooms at The Venetian. The new Galileo system was on full display and demo. The main demo room was thoroughly tuned to near perfection, with Galileo Interconnect and Galileo Speaker Wire installations, pure power from TESLA PowerCell 10 SE‘s & TESLA Power Cords, and our breakthrough room treatment system, the Acoustic ART.

Our friends at Esoteric and YG Acoustics completed the set-up, with ne plus ultra results.

Room 29227

Steven Stone of The Absolute Sound awarded Synergistic Research with a “Best Sound at Show”:, and Jonathan Valin was blown away by the performance of YG Acoustics speakers in our room.

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound in his own words:

“This year, timbres were beautiful, and definition, dynamics, and sheer presence downright impressive, with wonderful control, detail, and extension in the bass (and everywhere else, actually). The Anats reproduced Marc Cohn’s “Ghost Train”–a cut I’m very familiar with–with superior resolution of individual lines. And to be honest, this wasn’t even the best YG exhibit at CES.”

“That honor would belong to Ted Denney of Synergistic Research, who was showing the smaller versions of the Anats–the Anat Reference II Studio (seen above in black immediately to the left of the taller silver Anat Reference II Pros)–in a much smaller and somewhat more gemutlich room with his own remarkable new gold/silver/platinum Galileo cable/interconnect system, and Acoustic ART room treatments.”

“I am sure that the sound was ravishing and as finely detailed as anything I heard at this year’s show. I was particularly impressed by the way the system reproduced Cut 7 of The International–a vertitable torture test of multiple tones and textures and X-tra-large- and small-scale dynamics, Ted’s various tweaks and the Anats themselves brought out tiny little details of attack, timbre, and decay that simply weren’t as fully audible on most (not all) other systems.”

CES 2010 rack

Paul Bolin of AudioBeat was also impressed:

“The Synergistic Research room fascinated on several levels. The front-end consisted of Esoteric’s P-03 transport ($16,500), D-03 digital-to-analog converter ($16,500), G-0Rb rubidium (atomic) master clock ($18,500), C-03 line stage ($12,000) and A-03 stereo amplifier ($14,000). As at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, everything was hooked up with Synergistic’s bogglingly costly, actively shielded Galileo interconnects ($25,000/pair) and speaker cables ($40,000/pair), and the room was sprinkled with Acoustic Arts resonator room treatments. YG Acoustics Anat Reference II Studio loudspeakers ($70,000/pair) completed what Synergistic’s Ted Denney stated was “basically my home system. YG Acoustics speakers did nothing for me at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, but here there was a sweetly refined delicacy, tremendous focus, and spacious and seductive bloom and expansiveness. Simply put, this was a marvelous-sounding system that spoke very well not only for the YG speakers but for everything in front of them.”

New MiG harmonic footers shown with retail packaging

New MiG harmonic footers shown with retail packaging

But our Galileo system wasn’t the only new product producing grins this year. The new MiG tuning devices managed to steal a bit of thunder for themselves. The A/B demo of a complete MiG set dropped many jaws, including our own! These easy to use (and definitely affordable) tuning devices are waiting to transform your CD Player and Digital Stack; shipping now! Contact your Synergistic Research dealer today for details.

Superior sound at CES 2010 could also be found in the rooms of other well-established exhibitors, using complete TESLA Series cable installations.

rouge audio ces 2010

Rogue Audio’s room featured TESLA cables and power cords, as well as TESLA PowerCell 10 SE line conditioning

Rogue Audio produced an impressive demo, with Au-79 Interconnects, TESLA Quad Speaker Wire, T2 & Hologram A Power Cords, and pure limitless power from TESLA PowerCell 10 SE line conditioners. Positive Feedback Online was also impressed, noting in their show report that the system was, “(the) best we have ever heard these Wilsons sound!”:

Ayon Audio "Best Sound at Show"

Ayon Audio won a “Best of Show” with TESLA Active cables, power cords, TESLA PowerCell 10 SE line conditioning, and Acoustic ART room treatments

Ayon Audio, with a system personally tuned by our Lead Designer, Ted Denney III, also installed a complete TESLA Series cable system for their main demo. Top-of-the-line TESLA Series cables were used in this room, with Apex Interconnects & Speaker Wire, Precision Reference Interconnects, Hologram A & Hologram D Power Cords, TESLA PowerCell 10 SE for pure limitless power, and room acoustics optimized with our Acoustic ART system. Congratulations to Ayon Audio who received “Best of Show” from Consumer Electronics Daily News:

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