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Jason Victor Serinus who when not covering the Bay Area’s symphony and opera scene can be found in the pages of Stereophile covering HiFi Shows around the country and in this case, reviewing Synergistic Research UEF tuning circuits, Transporter Ultra and Tranquility Bases for Dagogo online.

“I was amazed to immediately hear an increase in clarity and breadth over anything my system had produced before, as well as a major lowering of the noise floor. The sound was not only more three-dimensional, but also presented in a wider soundstage”

“What I did not expect, however, was that the bass also tightened and seemed less bloated… All I know for certain is that every time I listened to music with significant low bass content, I discovered that once the Tranquility Bases were in place and activated, the quality and definition of bass improved”

UEF Tuning Circuits-3 632Synergistic Research Tranquility Base with UEF Tuning Circuits

“that the music sounded less thick and congested than before the Tranquility Bases had entered the picture. We both agreed that more of the violin’s complexity emerged – with the lowering of the noise floor, there was more there there. We also noted that, with less bass bloat, the balance between the high sound of period instrument strings and the period organ’s lowest notes seemed more natural and evenly distributed, as it would in any well-played and conducted performance”

“There was no question that the Base tightened bass more than the Basik, and also transmitted a wider soundstage. “You can hear deeper into the soundstage, with more air,” I noted about the Base. “I hear more overtones from the piano on my beloved Murray Perahia CD. The sound is more multi-dimensional, and seems more real.”

“If there was anything uncanny about the tuning circuit evaluation process, it was discovering that changing the color of tuning circuit on a single active platform dramatically altered the sound of the entire system. I encourage anyone who thinks Ted Denney’s Tranquility Bases are a trick of the imagination to simply change the tuning circuit on one of them, and discover what a major change it makes”

L1001590 Transporter Ultra SE w PC 632Synergistic Research Transporter ULTRA SE - with included Element Tungsten AC Power Cord

“Finally, Jeremiah and I switched between Standard and Galileo power supplies. There was no question that, as is the case with any power supply upgrade, the Galileo increased the positive effects of whichever Tranquility products and cables they powered”

“’ll be honest. Given how much easier the Transporter and Transporter Ultras are to use, and how much freedom from clutter they offer, I didn’t spend much time the Transporter Ultra to the Standards and Galileos. I simply made the switch and rejoiced”

“First, I switched to UEF on the active USB cable.“There’s a new roundness to the sound,” I noted. “Both the drum and Barber’s voice sound rounder and more three-dimensional, as they would if unamplified in a live acoustic. They also seem to possess greater weight and visceral impact.”

UEF Tuning Circuits632Synergistic Research UEF Tuning Circuits

“When I next switched to a right angle UEF tuning circuit on the Basik that supported my Macbook Pro and external HD, the sound opened up even more, and boundaries seem to lift. “I’ve never heard a drum set sound so round and clear on my system, nor been able to discern so many different colors from a single drum thwack,” I wrote”

“With the release of the UEF tuning circuits, every active SR makes has just taken a major step forward in performance. When all is said and done, I feel the UEF tuning circuits so profoundly improve the sound of all active Synergistic Research products that it will prove necessary for those who have already performed cable comparisons between Synergistic Research’s cables and those from other brands to conduct their tests once again”

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