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Steve Plaskin at AudioStream just reviewed our Element CTS Digital AC Power Cord.

By Steven Plaskin • Posted: Jul 31, 2013

Synergistic Research Element CTS Digital AC Power Cord with Enigma Tuning Circuits

Highlights from Steve Plaskin’s review:

“The Element C.T.S. Digital AC cord is a worthy successor to the Tesla Hologram D AC cord

“…it is a significant improvement over the sonic performance of the Telsa Hologram D”

“Replacing the stock cable with the Element C.T.S. Digital cord resulted in a sound change that elevated the performance of this fine DAC to a higher level”

“The most striking difference between the two AC cables was that the Element C.T.S. was richer and fuller sounding than the Tesla Hologram D”

“The C.T.S. Digital was far more open sounding with excellent detail and air”

“Usually, when a cable adds definition to the sound, there is often a loss of warmth or richness. Not in the case of the Element C.T.S. Digital AC cord-it seems to have provided an improvement to both the definition and richness of the music it reproduced”

“Bass reproduction with the C.T.S. Digital was detailed and impactful”

“The Element C.T.S. Digital captured the acoustic space and the location of the performers on the stage”

“The Element C.T.S. Digital AC cord was absolutely stunning in the way it handled bass dynamics and definition”

 “Not only was the bass tighter and better defined than with the stock AC cord, but the dynamic impact had “punch” that could be felt”

Link to full review


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