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Synergistic Research PowerCell4 With Tesla SE T3 Active Power Cord. This combo is now sold as PowerCell 4 SE and offered at a special combo price.

“With perfect components in a perfect system it is possible to achieve outstanding reproduction without power conditioners. But most of us require a little help in dealing with the polluted grid, the ever thickening cloud of EMI/RFI and the noise generated by our components themselves. I was hoping the PowerCell4 would give me a taste of the very high end in power conditioning at a small fraction of the typical cost but I learned it requires their Tesla SE T3 Active Power Cord to achieve such greatness. The unexpected and atypical benefit is the flexibility offered by the Enigma circuits that plug into the active shielding on the power cord. These circuits allow you to fine tune your present system and make adjustments in the future when you acquire different components. Ted Denney takes an uncommon world view in approaching electromagnetic cell technology and it has paid off in an extraordinary way”. — Rick Becker

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