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Andy Schaub of Positive Feedback has just reviewed our Galileo MPC used on our computer audio Cable “USB Active SE”



The Importance of Power and the Galileo MPC
by Andy Schaub

Highlights from Andy Schaub’s review:

“I can’t think of a single component, apart from the Berkeley DAC itself, that has done more than the Synergistic Research USB Active SE cable with the Galileo MPC. This one’s not going back to the manufacturer, no way at all”

“The fact that I’m listening to the quite intelligible lyrics and tapping my foot to the beat of the music rather than talking about “air” and “soundstaging” is a great sign to me that I am on my way to musical Nirvana, thanks largely to the Synergistic Research USB Active SE cable and the Galileo MPC”

“More than doubled the performance of the USB cable”

Galileo-MPCSynergistic Research Galileo MPC

“It sounded more like vinyl”

“In more detail, the bass definition and detail improved and the midrange became more lucid with just a touch of blossom”

“Very nice combination of piano and vocals, both of which sound extremely natural and analog-like”

“Now it really sounds (almost) like it’s coming from a well-cleaned vinyl LP, which is exactly what I have been after in building the digital music server, thanks largely to the general improvement in sound I hear using the Galileo MPC”

Link for full review

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