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The Absolute Sound reviewed this remarkable cable system in the Febuary issue

The Galileo System began as an exploration for radical new technologies to improve cable performance. We first wanted to learn what would happen when we combined the Electromagnetic Cell technology (from our award winning TESLA PowerCells) with interconnects and speaker cables. To optimize performance of the Galileo System’s Electromagnetic Cells, we experimented with a myriad of conductor options. In our TESLA PowerCell, we utilize highly conductive copper with trace amounts of silver. For Galileo System cables, we wanted to challenge assumptions made in the PowerCell’s conductor medium by exploring the effect of precious metals on EM Cell performance. We began experimenting with pure silver, which opened up resolution, but unfortunately it did so in an artificial way by over emphasizing high frequencies at the expense of natural harmonic overtones in the mid-range. We later experimented with strategic layers of both copper and pure silver (as found in our Galileo Universal Cable Cells). This increased high frequency resolution while preserving a natural mid-range. We later experimented with pure gold, pure silver, and pure copper in the Galileo System’s EM Cells. This allowed us to push the envelope with silver, while preserving an amazing level of harmonic richness and texture. Finally, we hit on a strategic combination of pure copper, pure silver, pure gold, and pure platinum. This precious metal matrix, as we now call it, yielded the highest level of resolution we have yet been able to transfer, while preserving a natural balance of low, mid, and high frequencies in the largest, most holographic sound field we have ever created; something Synergistic Research cables are already known for.

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