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Experience our latest UEF Tech products at RMAF 2015, in Denver Colorado, October 2nd - October 4th, 2015 at the Marriott Denver Hotel, room – 8009.



Since launching UEF at RMAF 2013, (HFT, High Frequency Transducer and FEQ, Frequency Equalizer) our R&D Department has expanded UEF’s dynamics into new products and product categories.

The following new products are being unveiled at RMAF 2015:

Synergistic Research is launching a new line of AC Power Cords featuring the world’s first use of Graphene in an AC cord. Graphene has the highest current density in the world of any material (8 million times that of copper) making it a near “superconductor” at room temperature!

Graphene imparts performance characteristics not found in other power cables. These new Atmosphere AC cords also include built-in UEF filters and internal power supplies for Active Shield biasing of the cable WITHOUT the need for an external power supply. Simply plug and play like conventional passive power cords. These AC cords are flexible and thinner than the models they replace.

Also in exhibit will be the new Tranquility Base UEF utilizing Graphene for the first time in SR’s patented EM Cell. Other new products include the new UEF crossover filter with Graphene conductors called XOT Carbon and the new component isolation footer called MiG 2.0 featuring SR’s High Frequency Transducer technology as found in the HFT’s, HFT 2.0’s and HFT X’s.

Hourly demonstrations will allow you to hear what these exciting new products deliver to the sound of the RMAF system featuring McIntosh electronics and Magico speakers.

Make sure to stop by the Synergistic Research room #8009 for a demonstration, this is not to be missed!

New Product Images below:

Atmosphere Series AC Power Cords

AtmosphereLvl3AnalogEdited 632Synergistic Research Atmosphere AC Power Cord - UEF Level 3 Digital

Tranquility Base UEF

TranqBaseBlackandSilver 632Synergistic Research Tranquility Base UEF - Available in Black or Silver

MiG 2.0 - Isolation Footer

Mig2 0 632Synergistic Research MiG 2.0 Isolation Footer - Sold in Set of 3

XOT Carbon - Cross-Over Transducer

XOTCarbon (4) - EDITED 632Synergistic Research XOT Carbon - Available with Spade or Banana Terminations

PHT- Phono Transducer

PHTBlackOnPhonoedited 632Synergistic Research PHT - Black Widow on Lyra Cartridge

PHTGreenOnPhonoedited 632Synergistic Research PHT - Green Dream on Lyra Cartridge

Atmosphere Series Headphone Cables

Headphonebothedited 632Synergistic Research Atmosphere Series Headphone Cables - For Audeze LCD-3 and Sennheiser HD-800

HT Carbon- Headphone Transducer

HT Carbon 632Synergistic Research HT Carbon - Headphone Transducer

Core UEF Series Cables

CoreUEF1&2Speaker-(10)---632Synergistic Research Core UEF Cables - Level 1 and Level 2 Speaker Cables

Make sure to stop by our room # 8009 at the Marriott Denver Tech Center from October 2nd - October 4th, 2015 for a live demonstration of these new products, you will be glad you did.

We look forward to seeing all of you.



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