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Andy Schaub of Positive Feedback has just reviewed our computer audio Cable  “USB Active SE”.



Highlights from Andy Schaub’s review:

“It sounds very good, better than my Cynosure v2, and has become new my reference standard”

Quite affordable for a cable of this caliber

To my great surprise, when one song ended, I started to get up to flip the record. Then I remembered that I was playing the music server!

Have lovely sense of bloom or blossom without being overly exaggerated

Synergistic Research Digital Power Tools

I hear much more stereo separation than I had before; but, also, more imaging and soundstaging

It sounded great, very lush, and very analog

I do, however, need to make one thing perfectly clear: it’s not my imagination. These tuning bullets really do make a difference in the sound, even on a digital cable; exactly how they do so, I have no idea.

Sounds quite wonderful with the horn having exactly the right “honkiness” and nice, deep bass

There’s really quite an extraordinary amount of detail but at the same time, a depth and richness to the sound that I now hear

Link for full review

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