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“Revisiting Norah Jones’ Come Away with Me revealed the system to have much improved resolution. This in turn yielded far more subtle nuance and tonal color that afforded me much higher cognitive recognition of the lyrics and much deeper emotional connection with the music. I was literally moved to tears, Rick Becker, Enjoy The Music

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New Breakthrough in AC Line Conditioning

The new PowerCell 4 is based on an evolution of our patented  Electromagnetic Cell Technology. The PowerCell 4 is non current  limiting, is not fused or switched for maximum transparency, and sold  with a generic 14-gauge power cord that is Quantum Tunneled along with  the PowerCell 4 during the Quantum Tunneling process. Listening  impressions are based on either an Active Element Tungsten AC Power Cord or Element Copper/Tungsten AC Power Cord  powering the PowerCell 4. Sonically the PowerCell 4 is highly detailed  with a sweet treble and controlled low frequency presentation. Its sound  staging is more pinpoint to the PowerCell 10 SE MKII’s massive liquidity.  Where the PowerCell 10 SE MKII throws the larger and more liquid sound stage,  the PowerCell 4 is articulate and able to throw a large and highly  focused sound field. This difference is much like the difference between  an Element Tungsten AC power cord and an Element CTS Analogue or Element CTS Digital AC power cord.

New Electromagnetic Cell Design

The PowerCell 4 is perfect for small systems, monoblock amps that are located far away from the source and preamps, or your source components. The PowerCell 4 also improves picture quality on any display, with darker black levels, better color saturation and a more 3 dimensional picture, simply amazing.  2 TeslaPlex SE receptacles provide 4 outlets in this fully differential designed PowerCell. Fully differential means that the hot, neutral, and ground all have their own separate power paths to and from the magnetic cell. What does this mean? Even better performance, blacker backgrounds, improved dynamics and a more holographic soundstage.  Pair with the Element Tungsten AC Power Cordfor outstanding performance.

The PowerCell 4 SE is now shipping , so order yours from your dealer today.

Enjoy The Music, Review


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