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Norm Luttbeg at Stereotimes has just reviewed our new SR Quantum fuses.

Highlights from Norm Luttbeg’s review:

“I replaced all six reference fuses that I have been using  for several years with six of the new Synergistic Research Quantum SR 20 fuses”

“What I consistently heard was a wide, deep, and more holographic and realistic sound stage, more of a sense of “being there.”

“…the decay and location of the audience with such realism that you have the feeling that you are on stage with her and her band”

“You hear everything”

“I think both the top and bottom ends are exceptional. The top end on violins is just perfect and the bass is controlled and profound”

“I am a sucker for the thrill of hearing a sound that suggests I am at the recording venue. These fuses allow my equipment to yield such a holographic image. The sound is open, effortless, defined, extended, detailed, and most importantly realistic”

“I suddenly noticed a very substantial jump in the precision of the soundstage. (I)…continually heard more realism than I have heard before.

“Highly recommended”

Synergistic Research SR Quantum Fuses

Link to full review

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