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Stereo Times just awarded 4 of our products the “Most Wanted Components 2014”


  • Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF
  • Synergistic Research FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer
  • Synergistic Research HFT - High Frequency Transducer
  • Synergistic Research FEQ - Frequency Equalizer

synPowerCell-10-UEF 632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF with FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer

In this latest iteration of the PowerCell, the PowerCell 10 UEF, SR found a way to build upon the concept of line conditioning and took it to the next level with the implementation of the Uniform Energy Field (UEF) technology.  Compared the previous model, the PC UEF, excelled in the areas of lowering the noise floor, enhancing the microdynamics, expanding the soundstage in all directions, presenting a more relaxed tonal balance, and tightening the mid and lower bass.  The FEQ PowerCell Equalizer, designed to reclock the Powercell 10 UEF from the resident ac frequency of 60 kHz to a rich low frequency harmonic, showed itself as an essential musical upgrade to the PC UEF by increasing the image density and depth while providing a more natural and relaxed presentation. The PowerCell 10 UEF and FEQ PowerCell Equalizer are engineering breakthroughs that are well made, deliver on their promised performance, and have taken my system to a level I never thought possible. Together, they are my new reference. (reviewed here) (Mike Girardi)


synergisticFEQ 632Synergistic Research FEQ - Frequency Equalizer and HFT - High Frequency Equalizer

The largest component in one’s system is the listening room yet it the one component that is commonly overlooked and misunderstood.  The HFTs are tiny high frequency transducers that clean up high frequency harmonics in your listening room by cancelling the harmonic noise generated by room resonances.  The FEQ is an ultra low frequency RF pulse generator that acts as a low frequency dither to overpower the ambient RFI and EMI fields.  The combination of the FEQ and HFTs has made the biggest improvement in my system’s performance since I been reviewing high end audio components over the last 11 years. Considering the physical size of the HFTs and FEQ as compared to all other room acoustic enhancement devices and their comparative performance, the FEQ and HFT resides in the best in class category for room acoustic treatment.  From an ergonomic and aesthetic standpoint alone they are revolutionary in the application of room acoustic enhancement.  Happy was the day I removed my previous reference room acoustic treatments and replaced them with the FEQ and HFTS (and it wasn’t a secret that my family felt the same way).  The combination of the FEQ and HFT is a paradigm shift in room treatment device design and delivers on its promised performance. (reviewed here) (Mike Girardi)




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